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Clinic-CBO Collaboration Toolkit

The C3 (Clinic-CBO-Collaboration) Project worked across nine countries and 36 community-clinic collaborations to identify how transformative collaborations at a local level between CBOs and clinics can be to local health responses.



As the C3 Project was coming to a close, Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) and PATA wanted to capture the lessons from the project in a tool that could be widely used across sub-Saharan Africa. They decided to create a user-friendly guide for clinics and community-based organizations to navigate on-going partnerships, a challenge given the immense amount of learning they wanted to convey and the relative complexity of the issue areas, from establishing the partnership to navigating problems, creating monitoring and learning frameworks, identifying resources to managing communications.



Working closely with PATA’s writer and project team, I transformed the text into a useable guide to help clinics and community-based organizations navigate the sometimes complicated dynamics of a partnership. I suggested we incorporate a character “Patience” whose story could be illustrated throughout the toolkit, and created graphics for each of the 30+ tools in the toolkit. As a part of the document, we created some stand-alone graphics that PATA will be able to use for future publications and projects, as well as blank tools that can be directly used by readers or participants in the accompanying online course, “Be Connected”. The toolkit was translated into French, and I applied the layout to the French text and edited the graphics.


Paediatric – Adolescent  Treatment Africa (PATA)


Graphic design

Custom graphics

Publication layout (both English and French versions)

Preparation of document for online use and professional printing


Click here to download a full version of the toolkit.